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Atlas Chemical Resin Company

Provider of various textile auxiliaries

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Textile Proccessing Chemicals

two decades of activity

We are proud to have been with you for more than 2 decades.

High market share of textile industry

Atlas of resin chemistry, with your help, dear customers, has been able to gain more than half of the market share

The most advanced textile additives

Atlas Chemical Resin Supplier of chemical additives used in the textile industry

Official representative of Rudolf Germany

Atlas Chemical Resin Company is the only official representative of the German company Rudolf

Atlas Chemical Resin

Top supplier of chemicals

Atlas Chemical Resin Additives Supplier
Chemical used in the textile industry
Atlas of Resin Chemistry, with your help, dear customers, has been able to acquire 90% of the share of fertility. It makes us proud that we have been able to be with you since 1991.

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About Atlas of Chemistry

25 years ago, we imagined a dream that with long-term planning and considering the possibility of international relations with the most reputable chemical producers in the world and the possibility of providing textile aid products with excellent and uniform quality, including the exclusive dealership agreement of Rudolf Group Germany has been mentioned since 2016, and also the great efforts of the collaborators of this collection, came true.

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Atlas of resin chemistry, your first choice

Commodity diversity and high quality, continuity in product quality and delivery, extensive international communication and problem identification and solutions are the factors that prioritize the selection of the Atlas of Chemistry.

Our main feature is the high quality of our products. 20 years of brilliant history in the field of chemical additives, shows this quality

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